Friday, May 22, 2009

Shadows of the Past - published 29th May

My latest romantic suspense is published a week today. I am having a launch at my local library and have been, and will be featured, in the local paper. If all the people who said they are coming do arrive there won't be enough chairs!!

"Alva can't remember anything, not even the death of her baby in childbirth, and is horrified that her estranged husband Conte Luca Mazareeze should accuse her of trying to commit suicide. Little by little memories trip into her mind but it is only when she becomes the target of a murderer that she realises she knows something someone is afraid of her remembering."




Jan Jones said...

Sounds great! Hope the launch goes really well, Margaret.

caroline said...

I am enjoying the treasure your page is... Quite marvelous and exciting.

margaret blake said...

Thanks Jan and Caroline, I will let you know how the launch goes!
I love the cover, another one by the excellent David Young.

Jan Jones said...

He is terrific, isn't he, Margaret?

Elizabeth Hanbury said...

Best of luck with the launch, Margaret! :-)

Nik said...

Shades of coincidence? On Friday I received here in Spain two books from Robert Hale - Long Shadows and your Shadows of the Past. Looking forward to reading both. Best of luck with the launch.

margaret blake said...

Hi Nik, That is a coincidence.
Hope you are having lots of sunshine in Spain. Best wishes for lots of sales for you.

Kind regards, Margaret.

Mick Parker said...

Shadows must be in vogue. John Hale sold an old novel of mine, SHADOW OF THE WOLF to the Larger print publishers this year. I do hope your Romantic Suspense does extremely well, Margaret. Best of luck.


margaret blake said...

Thanks Mick. I thought I had an original title till I went to Amazon and found loads of Shadows of the Past...There you go, you try your best. But Shadows is pretty good to have ih a title.

Thanks for your good wishes.