Friday, August 7, 2009

Super review

I just found this super review at USA

***** page turner

"Suffering from amnesia after being involved in a hit and run accident and having no living relatives, Alva is released from hopital into the care of her estranged husband, Conte Luca Mazareeze, to recuperate.

Unable to recall why she fled from her husband and the beautiful island of Santa Caterina, Alva falls in love with Luca again. Life should be blissful, yet something bothers her. As her memory returns she discovers nothing at the Palazzo is as it seems and she is surrounded by danger and intrigue.

Margaret Blake's page-turning thriller/mystery, Shadows of the Past, builds to a nail biting finale. Definitely recommended as a highly entertaining read."



Jan Jones said...

Brilliant, Margaret!

margaret blake said...

Thank you, Jan - I was really surprised.

Monica Fairview said...

Well done, Margaret. Well deserved, I'm sure. Nail biting! Wow!