Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Fistful of Legends

Introduction by James Reasoner, author of over 200 books. 21 new stories of the Old West edited by Nik Morton.

Revenge, retribution, and deceit. Damaged men and sinister night stalkers. Humor, irony, and tears. Bank robberies, showdowns, and lynchings. Tragic doves, plucky homemakers, and gun-toting belles. Birth and death, love and hate….
You’ll find it all here, penned by seasoned Western scribes and a few newcomers, too.
So saddle up for action and adventure … and grab yourself A Fistful of Legends!

Although this book isn’t from Hale, it deserves to receive a mention here for a number of reasons. Many of the writers featured are Black Horse Western authors, and some of their books are highlighted in the author biographies. The dedication is to ‘Robert Hale Ltd, publisher of the Black Horse Westerns imprint, for keeping the spirit of the Old West alive.’ The back pages, besides advertising a number of related western websites and blogs, also advertise six BHWs currently still available from halebooks.com.

As James Reasoner says, 'Western fiction has a tremendous power to entertain... As a reader, I count myself extremely fortunate that there are authors like these to spin such wonderful yarns and provide hours of solid entertainment. And as a Western author, I’m very pleased to count them among my friends and comrades who are upholding a long, proud tradition.'

Large format book, ISBN 978-0-557-19954-9
248 pages
Afterword by Nik Morton
Available on Amazon on 31 January 2010.

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