Thursday, September 2, 2010

Further Progress

I received the proof copy of NORTH SLOPE paperback today. I am really delighted with it. I have no complaints and look forward to seeing it available on in the very near future. There shouldn't be too long a delay before it is available on Amazon in UK. This is the beginning of the 'new direction' I spoke of after parting with Hale. Judging by several web blogs I have read recently, many of them written by people in publishing and reviewing etc., I seem to be taking on a huge task. But I'm quite happy to do this. My target, initially would be to promote the book sufficiently well to get above the 350 mark that I associate with Hale Books. 400 would be good, but I'll have to wait and see. I have attached a copy of the book jacket, desgined by my son, for you all to have a look. You can also see it on my web page.


Margaret Muir said...

Great cover, Mick, very striking. Well done to your son.
I like the fact you have put your pic and some brief reviews on the back cover. I think Hale books could benefit from adding something to the back of their hardbacks.
Can you remind me which company is producing this edition and which country they are in?
I really hope NORTH SLOPE sells well - and best of luck with the Alaskan contact.

Nicola Slade said...

Looking good, Mick, good luck with it.

Marg, my second Victorian mystery, Death is the Cure, has several quotes on the back cover, and I'm hoping they'll do the same for my contemporary cosy, Murder Fortissimo, out end January.
As a reader, I always like to see these, so I was delighted to find them on DITC.


Mick Parker said...


This edition is being produced by Createspace, and offshoot of, so that will be aimed at the American market. The UK editon will be published by Lightning Source, an offshoot of The Cooperative I am with, and through which I am getting access to Amazon is Acclaimed Books Ltd. Their website is The UK price for this book will be £6.75, a much better price than the £18.99 people are asked to pay for Hale's hardbacks.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I'll most certainly take one, sir

Mick Parker said...

Thank you, Gary. The book should be available on-line within a couple of weeks hopefully. I'll let the blog know.