Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Chuck Tyrell Black Horse Western

The latest Chuck Tyrell novel, Hell Fire in Paradise, hits the stands in November. If anything, it shows the pure pluck of the pioneer woman. When I was a youngster, we often sat on Aunt Sarah Mills's front porch and listened to her tell of the days back then. When she was eight, Geronimo, according to her, appeared at her home in Forestdale, Arizona, with four horses in tow. He wanted to trade the horses to Aunt Sarah's father for her.

The town of Ponderosa, just a few miles from Paradise Valley, is modeled on the real life town of McNary, which was home to Southwest Forest Industries' largest sawmill for several decades.

The sawmill at McNary/Ponderosa

The heroine of my novel, Laurel Baker, loses her sons and her husband on the same day. Then a well-dressed man shows up wanting to buy her ranch in Paradise Valley. Laurel won't sell, and things go from bad to worse. But neighbors watch over neighbors, and good people band together.

I promise. Hell Fire in Paradise is a good read.

Paradise Valley looked like this.

The cover of Hell Fire in Paradise looks like this. Available from Hale or most online booksellers such as Amazon and the Book Depository.


Nik said...

It's bound to be a good read, Charlie. You're a fine writer. Anyone who hasn't tried a Chuck Tyrell book is in for a treat when they pick one up. Bold of you to have a heroine as the main protagnist in a western. Glad Hale's publishing it.

Margaret Muir said...

Sounds like a great read, Chuck. I hope this book sells well.

I bet you wish you had recorded the stories your Aunt told of her personal encounter with Geronimo - wow!
How the world has changed in just a few generations!
Marg Muir