Friday, March 4, 2011

Large Print edition of 'April and May'


                                                               On 1st March, Ulverscroft brought out a Large Print edition of April and May. It's the first time one of my Regency tales has been accepted for a Large Print edition, so I'm learning... and thank you to those Hale authors who have given advice and help.


Mick Parker said...

Good news, eh Beth? It will mean another title in the library (if it hasn't been closed), and you'll be surprised at how many loans it


Beverley Eikli said...

Congratulations, Beth. The cover is beautiful. With our surnames so close, I wonder if it'll sit near my book which also came out with Ulverscroft on 1st March. I'll definitely request my local library in Gisborne, near Melbourne, to get yours.

Beverley Eikli

Beth Elliott said...

Thank you, Mick. Yes, I feel very pleased to see the book in Large Print. Betty O'Rourke, a local author and librarian, pioneered Large Print books here in Reading. I'm glad to say that so far, Reading still has all its libraries and they're all very busy.