Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bestselling Hale Fiction on Amazon - 31 May

1. (-) Beyond the Storm by E. V. Thompson (Paperback - 30 Nov 2010)
From £7.79

2. (N/E) Henry Tilney's Diary by Amanda Grange (Hardcover - 31 May 2011)
From £7.83

3. (+2) Churchyard and Hawke by E.V. Thompson (Paperback - 30 Nov 2009)
From £7.72

4. (-2) No Less Than the Journey by E.V. Thompson (Kindle Edition - 31 May 2010)
Buy: £5.78

5. (-2) No Less Than the Journey by E.V. Thompson (Paperback - 30 May 2010)
From £6.08

6. (N/E) Constable in the Country by Nicholas Rhea (Paperback - 30 Apr 2010)
From £2.74

7. (-) Darcy's Diary by Amanda Grange (Kindle Edition - 1 Jan 2011)
Buy: £6.39

8. (-) The Chronicles of Sherlock Holmes by Paul D. Gilbert (Kindle Edition - 1 Jan 2011)
Buy: £6.23

9. (N/E) Constable Over the Hill by Nicholas Rhea (Hardcover - 31 May 2011)
From £11.11

10. (N/E) The Tewkesbury Tomb by Kerry Tombs (Hardcover - 29 Apr 2011)
From £16.14


Margaret Muir said...

It appears that Hale's top turnover (being paperbacks and Kindle ebooks) has taken quite a turn recently. I wonder how that will affect its regular authors.
I feel for new writers still trying to break through the publishing barrier these days. It must be harder than ever.
Interesting times.

Mick Parker said...

I'm pleased that I have a Hale novel coming out in December: THE BOY FROM BERLIN. It's a hardback copy. At least this still gives me a foot in the door and I need to produce acceptable material to stay onside with Hale. But yes; I feel for new authors now that POD and Kindle are getting a good run. It will be all down to marketing in the end seeing as self-publishing is the fastest way into getting your novel out in print.

Margaret Muir said...

Congratualtions, Mick. It's good to hear about your next Hale novel. And I agree that marketing is a major hurdle for any book, be it from a publisher or otherwise.