Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Through Glass Eyes published in e-format

This historical saga by Margaret Muir was first published in hardback by Robert Hale Ltd in 2006 under the title, 'The Twisting Vine'.

'Through Glass Eyes' was the author's working title.

1896 - When Lucy steals an expensive French doll from her dying mistress, she is unaware of the different roles it will play in the years to come. But throughout her journey of love and loss, pain and joy, the Bru doll is never far away. Set in the West Riding of Yorkshire, this is a heartfelt rags to riches saga spanning more than 25 years.
Through Glass Eyes is available from Belgrave House or for $3.99


Beth Elliott said...

Is epublishing a new venture for you, Margaret? I hope the book does well for you.

Margaret Muir said...

Hi Beth,
Yes, in the last three months I have ventured into paperback (self-published) and e-books through Belgrave House. These are not new titles but my Hale published books. It would have been great if Hale had gone the distance, however, that was not to be and, all in all, it has been an interesting learning experience.
And yesterday I ordered a Kindle so I will be able to read the first two of my titles in digital format.