Friday, October 21, 2011

Sheila Newberry

Happy to report that Hale are to publish my latest novel, Young May Moon!
Sixteen year old May becomes the Punch & Judy Lady, fulfilling a promise
made to her late father, "Professor" Jas Jolley, and is assisted by her
lively young sister Pomona, who takes the leather bottle round the audience
on the sands at West Wick, in 1925. Four years before, from this same place,
their fiery mother Carmen, a flamenco dancer from Spain ran off with the preacher from
the rival entertainment , while Mr Punch cried out: That's the Way to Do It!

Other good news: I have a fifth memoir published on 1st November by Magna/Dales,
entitled Dancing in the Street, which indeed we did, on VE night... It covers the
In-Between years from 1942-50, in which I recall, among other things, dried egg,
doodlebugs, Disraeli and Daydreaming...

All best to all,
Sheila Newberry


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Well done, Sheila with you Hale acceptance and your latest memoir release.