Thursday, March 29, 2012

Return to Silver Creek

When this book was published by Hale, it's title was Revenge at Wolf Mountain. The original manuscript was more than 80,000 words, and I had to do major surgery to get it down to Hale's 45,000 word count. So the tale turned from being a view of a woman's recovery from the trauma of rape and abuse, combined with her husband's search for the perpetrator and his wreaking revenge to only the story of the latter. Now, with the publication of the original MS (plus great editing by Nik Morton) as Return to Silver Creek, the entire story is out. Reactions from fellow writers and new readers has been gratifying, to say the least.

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Beth Elliott said...

There's always something more an author can do to the story. You must be pleased with the reaction to this revised edition. Congratulations.