Monday, October 28, 2013

Into Our Lives a Little Rain Must Fall

Turbulence is a word associated with oceans, but when it comes into your life, it can be like waves crashing on to the rocks. My week has been one of good moments and bad moments; the worst of which was being diagnosed with Lymphoma; a form of blood cancer. So now the battle begins. The next step will be a blood test and then a decision about treatment. Meanwhile me and Pat strive hard to be strong, knowing that we have our faith in God to hold us and faith in the specialists to do their job. Into this turbulent water there still flows a pool of good news and expectation. It has all been a changing week really. Last Monday my friend; Dave and I were practicing a couple of music number for our Saturday night ‘Sing-along-supper’ at church only for our performance to be cancelled because I had forgot to enter our names in for the ‘gig’. It didn’t really matter though because there was a lot going on anyway. Tuesday I had an eye appointment with a specialist. Now I have to take that a step further, but it isn’t such a big worry. Wednesday was the day I was diagnosed with cancer. That put a damper on our day, believe me. I managed to get a game of snooker in on Thursday and, believe it or not, we had some people come to look at the house. The estate agent knew we had sold, but because the initial deposit had not arrived the house was still, technically, on the market. Friday was a meeting of our church house group, and that afternoon the deposit turned up at the estate agent’s office. So now we can say we have sold. Saturday we had a fun evening at church; the aforementioned ‘Sing along Supper’, which was hilarious. But there were also three women from UK with Jamaican ancestry singing gospel songs. They performed the next day, Sunday, at our church in what was called a ‘Gospel Explosion’. Brilliant singers and terrific songs. After that we had lunch with two of our friends who returned to England today for good. So by and large it has been a compact, changing week. And throughout all this I have been editing my manuscript, trying to get the word count down; not an easy task but absolutely necessary. But the big news (the big, good news) was that my novel NORTH SLOPE went on a promotion with BookBub on Friday. It rocketed into the top 100 and reached #1 in Action & Adventure, #1 in Espionage and #3 in thrillers. It had sold almost 1000 copies by Saturday morning and tipped over the 1000 mark by Sunday. It is still in promotion at 99 cents: a bargain. Why not have a look? What’s that saying? Into our lives a little rain must fall. At the moment there’s a storm raging in mine. Wish me luck!

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