Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An interview with Gary Dobbs

To celebrate the publication today of The Tarnished Star, read an interview with the man behind the bestselling Black Horse Western Gary Dobbs at The Black Horse Express


margaret blake said...

I loved this interview. Interesting and entertaining.
Well done Ian - well done Jack.

Margaret Muir said...

I'm looking at the face on the book's cover and your face pressed against the stock - was the artwork taken from a self portrait?

Great interview on BHW and best wishes with The Tarnished Star.
I hope you will update us on performance and reprints.
As the man said, "I think he's on his way to becoming legend".
Marg Muir


Many people have remarked that the cover image looks like me but no - maybe Hale just had an image of a good looking dude available. LOL