Friday, July 17, 2009


Just to let everyone know there is a two part interview with myself HERE


Old Knudsen said...

Funny that yer thinking about coming here next year as I am going there next year. No not Wales I'm not that insane.

Margaret Muir said...

I have toyed with the idea of using a psuedomyn for a male-readership novel but not yet come up with an answer.
I can see it comes in very handy as an interview tool.

Loved your 'Pals' wood-carving token for Billy the Kid.
Marg Muir

margaret blake said...

Enjoyed reading this, very revealing and interesting.

I do hope you enjoy the west. I would love to go and see this part of the States (my sister in law lives in Tucson) but I have only visited Las Vegas but saw something of Nevada too.

One day perhaps I will get there.

Looking forward to reading about your adventures.


Old Knudsen - I am your biggest fan. If you ever get to Wales pop around for some cockles and tea