Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tarnished Marketing

As this blog's about marketing our work I thought you may be interested in this post on The Edge Hill University marketing blog about my online marketing of The Tarnished Star. Please leave a comment on the piece. Go HERE


margaret blake said...

Fantastic, Gary. I left a comment.

Margaret Muir said...

Excellent article.
I too left a comment which reads:

As Bobby Nash says in his comment, ‘Social marketing takes time, but in the end the benefits outweigh the time spent.’
I agree, but in more ways than one.
My current promo (same publisher as Gary) is leading me (on a smaller scale) into the social media world.
And what a wonderful experience that can be.
Taking a ‘unique selling point’ about my forthcoming book, namely a pair of Newfoundlands dogs, I posted a piece about the breed on my blog including one article about ‘Sergeant’ Gander, the mascot of the Canadian Royal Rifles - a brave canine that was awarded the dog equivalent of the Victoria Cross for its gallant service during the Battle of Lye Mun on Hong Kong Island in December 1941.
The information for my article was sourced from the internet.
Yesterday I received an email from a gentleman in Canada whose father served with the Royal Rifles at Lye Mun and knew Gander personally.
He described the Newfoundland to me - its history, its behaviour, and he detailed the dogs exploits in that battle and the events which led to its death.
By the time I had finished reading, I had tears in my eyes.
Social marketing is rewarding in book sales, but sometimes the returns are far more heart-warming.
Margaret Muir

Nik said...

That's a lovely comment, Margaret.

jacob said...

Love to see this discussion! It’s great to see you all working through the issues and also, it’s great to see recommendations for testing. In the end, it’s what your actual users do and prefer that should be your biggest driver in making these decisions.
Great article and discussion!
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