Monday, May 10, 2010

Lady Farquhar's Butterfly

My latest Regency Historical, Lady Farquhar’s Butterfly will be published on May 31.

You can read the synopsis below.

Falsely branded an adulteress and separated from her child by her vengeful late husband, Lady Olivia Farquhar unexpectedly discovers a deep and mutual love for her son's guardian, Max Atherton.

But happiness with Max can never be possible when Olivia is blackmailed into a union with her late husband's confessor. Unaware of the sinister motives behind the reverend's desire to make her his wife, or of Max's efforts to clear her sullied name, Olivia is bereft of hope. Can Max turn things around in time?


Jan Jones said...

Lovely title and cover, Beverley. Hope it does well for you.

Mick Parker said...

Good luck, Beverley. Hope it sells zillions!

Margaret Muir said...

I hope your new release sells really well.
Best of luck, Beverley.
Marg Muir

Anne Whitfield - author said...

A beautiful cover, Beverley!

Elizabeth Hanbury said...

What a lovely cover! Best of luck, Beverley - hope it does really well for you :0)

Monica Fairview said...

Superb cover, Beverley! Wow! Congrats!