Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Saxon Tapestry / A Saxon Tapestry

I thought I would let you all know that there is life in an old dog - never despair and believe that books die. They can be resurrected.

In the eighties I wrote a novel called "The Saxon Tapestry" that was published by Robert Hale Limited. Since the rights have reverted to me, I decided to publish again in e-book (and perhaps paperback format). I did some work on the book but the story is much the same and it will be published next week as "A Saxon Tapestry"
I am not sure why I altered the title, just one of those things that flew into my head. I like to think that The/A/Saxon Tapestry is still a Hale book - the copy is sitting on my shelf even now, and in pristine condition. Although I do rather prefer the new cover, which is beautiful and just a little mysterious.



Mick Parker said...

We need to know more, Margaret. Who, what, why and how? I am in the process of copying my 1980 novel, NORTH SLOPE on to file with the intention of having it published (POD) by Createspace in America, a subsidiary (I think) of Amazon. My reasons are probably the same as yours. But what the hell, I really wish you all the luck with this new project. The jacket looks excellent, by the way. Your design?


margaret blake said...

Hi Mick, No it's not my design, it is designed by an employee at the publishers -

Lots of luck with your new project too - second chances eh?

All the best.

Margaret Muir said...

Congratulations, Margaret,
I can echo all Michael's comments and enquiries. The cover is a real eye-catcher!
On reading your blurb, I first thought you were intending to self-published but it sounds as though you sold to Whiskey Creek who have published the works of one or two other authors I know.
Well done! for having the determination to follow this through and I wish you every success with this edition.
Marg Muir

Jan Jones said...

That's a beautiful cover, Margaret.

Beth Elliott said...

Like Jan, I think the cover is beautiful. And I'd be very interested to know how things work out with this new venture.

Elizabeth Hanbury said...

I also think cover is very striking. Best of luck with this new edition, Margaret!

Nicola Slade said...

Lovely cover, good luck with it.

margaret blake said...

Thank you everyone for your generous comments. I will of course let you know how it all goes.