Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Scandal at the Dower House was published in January 2010. I had written it over a year before, then in February 2009 we moved house, into an apartment called The Dower House. Our new neighbours were amused! I suspect this apartment was added to the old Georgian mansion as a Granny Flat.

It's not at all like the bijou house tucked away in the grounds of the Grange that my heroine Caterina moves into when her elderly husband dies. The new Earl Nicholas comes to take possession of the estate, and, naturally, sparks fly. Then Caterina's young sister Joanna arrives, distressed and pregnant after being tricked into a fake marriage. Their mother was Portuguese, so they leave to visit her relatives, then go to Lisbon to await the birth. Meanwhile, back at the Dower House, there are problems and Nicholas cannot get in touch with Caterina. When he does, when she finally returns home...

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