Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sheila Newberry

The Poplar Penny Whistlers is my eighth book for Hale and has just been accepted! Set in the late Victorian era. My heroine, Hester, becomes a nurse at the old Poplar Hospital where the rules are strict - nurses may not become romantically involved with patients is one she finds paticularly hard to follow, when she unexpectedly falls in love. Her sister Polly, one of the family Whistlers, is not averse to turning cartwheels down the market and showing her drawers - she is destined for the music hall. Other characters who jostled for centre-stage, are Granny Garter, Big Peg and a performing pug called Puglet, with an explosive sneeze.

Previous novels for Hale: The Spirit of Millie Mae
Our Cousin Rosanna
The Little Train Home
Bicycles and Blackberries
Hot Pies on the Tramcar
The Gingerbread Girl
The Watercress Girls
Out in large print and now in audio - Magna.


Margaret Muir said...

I love the title of your books and the names of your characters, they create a feeling of fairytales.

Mick Parker said...

My Gran was from Poplar!