Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Old Guns

Robert Hale have just accepted my 5th Black Horse Western, Old Guns. My 12th book. Now I'm wondering about #13...!

The story is a little different for a western in that it moves from 1859 to 1866 to 1892 as flashbacks reveal how the present is blighted for a group of ageing ex-lawmen.

Old Guns - possible blurb.

July, 1892.
Sam Ransom’s looking forward to his 62nd birthday with his wife and two children. Then he gets a telegram from the Bethesda Falls sheriff. His old partner Abner was mortally wounded, but before he died Abner left a note – the Meak twins were out to get Ransom and the others ‘because of what happened at Bur Oak Springs’. Their families weren’t safe, either. Ransom sets out to warn his old friends, Jubal, Rory and Derby. But he’s too late to prevent another brutal death.

Bur Oak Springs happened over two decades ago. The place was a ghost town even then. The Meak twins seem set on a crusade of vengeance, but why?

Ransom’s family is put in jeopardy and the ultimatum is clear. He and his friends must return to the ghost town again, to confront the Meak brothers and their gang. There’s a sense of déjà vu about this; yet, there are fresh revelations too.

It’s a showdown. The young guns against the old guns.


Mick Parker said...

Hope it does well for you, Nik.

Nik said...

Thanks, Mick. Wait till you see the movie...! Oh, that was Young Guns... silly me.