Sunday, March 1, 2009


I know this email was sent to all group members by Chap O'Keefe/ Keith Chapman but I've posted it here with the link to his short story.

Chap/Keith's story can be foud HERE...please support and spread the name of the Hale Authors by leaving a comment on the story. I know Chap/Keith will appreciate it. The webzine is very popular and takes fiction in many genres. It's aiming to be a digital version of the old pulp magazines.

And here's Chap's email....

This week I have a short story featured at Beat to a Pulp.

The online magazine or webzine
is an avenue others here might like to explore, especially if they have
unplaced short fiction languishing in their files.

Editors Elaine Ash and David Cranmer are always looking for
contributions. The format is a story a week followed by reader comments.
There's no payment, alas, but it does get you some reader reaction and
new, worldwide (especially US) exposure. You will also see how you can
work in a plug for your newest novel.

My story is called "The Unreal Jesse James" and it's obviously western,
but also historical romance, SF ... weird, fantasy, humour -- you name
it ... plus some social theory and politics thrown in for good measure.
"Eech! A dog's breakfast!" I hear the cry.

Well, maybe it is, all in one ss, but go along and have a look at Beat
to a Pulp for other reasons. If you have time, please read the Jesse
James experiment and perhaps leave a comment there for everyone to read.

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