Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Woodland Daughter by Anne Whitfield

Woodland Daughter is my hsitorical fiction novel set in Edwardian Yorkshire.

A new century brings change to the carefully ordered world Eden Harris maintains - change that threatens all she holds dear.
Despite years of devoted service to the Bradburys, the leading family of the community, Eden hides a secret that would affect them all, a secret shared only with her husband, Nathan and grandfather. Then an enemy returns, shattering her world and exposing her secret.
Torn and provoked, she strains to protect her family until a devastating accident robs her of Nathan, and she is alone and frightened. As the threat against her grows, Eden takes her precious daughters and flees from the country estate and the cottage she's called home, to live amongst masses in York.
Her attempt to start anew is not so simple as the past haunts her, and the one man she thought lost to her so many years before, returns to claim what has always been his. Eden must gather her strength and look into her heart to accept what the future offers.

Woodland Daughter is available from Amazon UK and The Book Depository.


margaret blake said...

Sounds like a sensational read, Anne.

Elizabeth Hanbury said...
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Elizabeth Hanbury said...

Oops, it's late and my typing is even worse than usual! *g*

I'll try again...

Woodland Daughter sounds a great read, Anne :)

Beth Elliott said...

This sounds like a good tale with many strands. I'm looking forward to reading it, Anne.

Margaret Muir said...

I finished reading two of your books which the library got in for me last week.
I enjoyed both ‘Gentle Winds Caress’ and ‘Woodland Daughter’.
You write well, your style is easy to read and your books are page-turners.
You create dark villains and one particular scene which I thought you wrote extremely well was the drowning.
Of course coming from the West Riding of Yorkshire, I could relate to the places you mentioned.
Well done!
Marg Muir