Saturday, March 14, 2009

Theaker's World

Stephen Theaker, of Theaker's Quarterly Fiction and British Fantasy Society fame, has his own take on book promotion...

Rafe McGregor's all out of Murder

Rafe McGregor, who contributed Fleet to Dark Horizons 53, is having a fine time of it with his new novel The Architect of Murder, published by Robert Hale Ltd: the initial print run of a thousand copies has already sold out. That's what appearing in Dark Horizons does for a writer's career!

I might just have to send him another short story...


Margaret Muir said...

Congratulations on the sell out, Rafe.
Was the 1000 copy initial print run in hardback or paperback?
I just tried to check that on the Hale Books website and could find no reference to the novel - unless I missed it, it appears that there is no provision for further orders being taken directly via the publishing source.

Nik said...

Glad to see that Dark Horizons and the BFS is still going strong. DH published my short story 'The House of Aunty Berenice' in 1985!
Nik Morton (Ross Morton)


If it can still be ordered on Amazon then I urge folk to do so. Reprinting would be good for us all.

Nik said...

Even when books are out of stock in Amazon, you can often get them at thebookdepository (post free).
Nik (Ross Morton)