Monday, March 15, 2010

Listed in America

I received the news from Hale today that my novel, THE THIRD SECRET has been listed in Publishers Weekly in New York. I don't know just how this will affect my sales in America, but it must be good news for Hale to send me a note through the post. Let's hope it's a foot in the door for Michael Parker


Margaret Muir said...

Hi Mick,
Was the listing the result of a review copy sent from Hale?
Marg Muir

Beth Elliott said...

Keep us posted on progress, Mick. It sounds good as it's more exposure for your name and titles.

Mick Parker said...

I've no idea, Marg what Hale do to promote their authors, so it follows that I don't know if any review copies were sent across the water. I looked at the website, and if I read it correctly, my book was listed January 25th., eight months after publication.

Nik said...

It's good news, anyway, Mick. And maybe they'll sit up and take note now that your new book A COVERT WAR is out.