Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This is me

Just a quick note to everyone at the Hale authors' blog. I'm Charles Whipple, a resident of Japan, and a Black Horse Western author since Vulture Gold was published in 2005 (as I remember). Since then, Revenge at Wolf Mountain, Trail of a Hard Man, and Guns of Ponderosa have been published. The Killing Trail stands in the wings with Hell Fire in Paradise to follow that. I'm active on the Black Horse Westerns group on Yahoo and belong to Jon Franklin's WriterL list.

I'm a native of Arizona and grew up there when cowboys were respected and looked up to. My grandfather came to Arizona in 1876 after two years of making charcoal to use in refining silver in Nevada. I rode a horse before I could walk, I think, and a horse was my mode of transportation to my first part-time summer job as well. I milked cows morning and night, took them to pasture, helped brand the calves, and generally grew up as a country bumpkin.

While I love westerns, I'm not an addict. I'm trying to get a gumshoe novel off the ground (it needs major revision right now) and I write quite a bit of non-fiction under my own name, magazine articles and a few books.

It's good to be a part of the Hale Authors Blog. Thanks for the invitation.

You can read my blog on things western here.


Margaret Muir said...

Welcome aboard, Chuck,
Good to read your profile here.
Marg Muir

Mick Parker said...

Welcome to the group, Chuck


margaret blake said...

Hi Chuck, Welcome aboard. I notice you lived in Arizona, my sister in law lives in Tucson.

Nik said...

Welcome! Trail of a Hard Man was an excellent book. I'm intrigued by your Guns of Ponderosa too. Best of luck with the gumshoe, Charlie.