Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sold out or not?

When John Hale told me that my novel, THE DEVIL'S TRINTIY (published 2008) had sold out, I got quite excited. But when he told me he wouldn't be printing any more, I was very disappointed and told him so, but there was to be no change of mind on his part. Then last month, Nik Morton told me that the book was being reprinted according to Hale's website. I checked the site and, sure enough, it said 'reprinting'. I figured that this was a 'catch-all' phrase to say there were no more available but they couldn't very well put 'sold out' on the page. So I ordered one from the Book Depository and it turned up yesterday. Tickled pink? You bet. I haven't asked John Hale if the book is actually being reprinted; I'll just walk about with a smile on my face and wait until my statement turns up next month. I'll probably stop smiling then.


Margaret Muir said...

Great news, Mick.
It would be interesting to know how many have been reprinted.
Mr Hale usually says he needs outstnding orders for 100 before he will do a reprint.
Keep us posted.
Marg Muir

monicafairive said...

Here's to hoping it's been reprinted. That would be wonderful! Congrats for selling out!