Sunday, November 1, 2009

April And May

When Rose Charteris arrives in Constantinople the last thing she expects or wants is to come face to face with Tom Hawkesleigh, the man who broke her heart four years previously. Worse still, she is forced to work with him on a top secret document for the Sultan. Spied on by all sides, Rose must affect a polite indifference and get the job done.
At last she can return to London but enemies still hope to disrupt Tom’s work and so danger follows her. Rose struggles fiercely to maintain her independence, spurning all Tom’s efforts to help her. Finally when she does realise that she still loves him, it seems she has left it too late to win him back.

The cover is another stunning picture by artist David Young. Sunset over Constantinople - and with a kiosk - what more could I want!


Jan Jones said...

Wonderful, Beth! Terrific cover and a terrific blurb!

Beth Elliott said...

Thanks, Jan. It's a wonderful feeling when the story is complete - but sooo hard before it all falls into place.