Friday, November 13, 2009


Placing a pre-publication order for any Hale book through THE BOOK DEPOSITORY means you can secure a big saving on the recommended price and also receive free postage worldwide which represents a significant saving to overseas buyers.

Already advertised on The Book Depository’s website is New Zealand author, Loren Teague’s forthcoming novel, The Italian Affair.
Classed as a thilller, this is Loren’s third book with Hale.

As I thoroughly enjoyed reading Loren’s previous novels, True Deception and Ultimate Betrayal, I look forward to reading this story which is due for release in February 2010.

The story sounds intriguing:
Gina Rosselini, the granddaughter of a wealthy fishing magnate, lives a charmed life until her twin sister, Maria, is shot on her wedding day, and Gina is marked as the gunnman's next target. The Rosselini family hire Rick Caruso, an ex-cop and private investigator, to act as a bodyguard for Gina...but Gina has other plans. A strong, independent woman, Gina has no intention of letting Rick protect her. Then, an attempt on her life changes everything. As the danger escalates, Gina must face her worst fears. Meanwhile, the killer watches her from the shadows, waiting for his moment to strike...

The Italian Affair is currently advertised by THE BOOK DEPOSITORY at 25% discount for pre-publication orders.

Posted by Margaret Muir


Jan Jones said...

Oooh, this sounds promising!

margaret blake said...

Can't wait to read this.

Mick Parker said...

Sounds good, Margaret. Hope it does well for you.


Margaret Muir said...

Although I posted about this forthcoming title, the novel is by Loren Teague - her third for Hale.
At the moment Loren's health does not permit her to promote her own work.