Monday, November 30, 2009

Death is the Cure : an innocent visit to Bath can prove fatal!

Yippee! The advance copies of Death is the Cure arrived today!

Nicola Slade’s new Victorian Mystery – Death is the Cure – is published by Robert Hale Ltd on 31st December 2009

An inquisitive young woman, a swordstick, a wooden leg, a man whose hobby is funerals, a murder and some fearsome-looking electrical medical equipment!

Death is the Cure
Nicola Slade
A Victorian Mystery set in 1858

When Charlotte Richmond's dearest friend decides to visit Bath for medical treatment, Charlotte, a young Victorian widow, is delighted to accompany her. But the spa town turns out to be far less genteel than she anticipates. Their fellow guests at elegant Waterloo House seem to be haunted by secrets and Charlotte is soon embroiled in mysteries, mayhem and murder. When one of the inhabitants of Waterloo House is stabbed to death it is Charlotte who trips over the corpse and begins to ask questions. In the course of her unofficial enquiries her own life is put in peril as she uncovers family secrets and stumbles upon a mystery that could even change the course of history.

ISBN-13: 9780709089551 RRP £18.99
Special Offer @ £13.29 (till 31st January 2010)


Margaret Muir said...

DEATH IS THE CURE sounds intriguing. I hope it does extremely well.
Marg Muir

Nicola Slade said...

That's very kind, Marg - so do I! (It's a bit of a romp really, if a murder story can be said to be cheerful?)

Nik said...

Just the medicine for winter's nights...

Beth Elliott said...

I love the title - and Bath is such a lovely place to set a story.
It sounds very good, Nicola, hope it does very well.

Elizabeth Hanbury said...

I love the title too! It sounds great, Nicola - very best of luck with it :0)

Nik said...

Sold me, I've ordered it from the book depository.
nik/Ross Morton

Mick Parker said...

It's a lovely feeling, isn't it; to get those copies of your novel through the post?. I do hope this sells well for you Nicola. I used to live in Bath (years ago), so I may be persuaded to order it for my wife.


Nicola Slade said...

Ahh, thanks, Nik - and Mick too, for the thought!

Monica Fairview said...

Sounds very intriguing! Congratulations. I'm sure it'll do very well.