Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hale author promotes books on Squidoo

I believe Hale authors need a web presence to publicise their books.
And like Michael (previous post), I started promoting my latest book, THE CONDOR’S FEATHER last year, immediateley after the manuscript was accepted.
Although this book will not be published until July 2009, it already has its own page on the internet and is already attracting traffic:
Though I have a personal website and an active blog, I have made good use of whose site allows me to create a dedicated site for each of my Hale book.
Setting up a Squidoo site is simple (open the website and it tells you how to do it in 60 seconds!)
It’s fast. And it’s free!
You can add to it at any time and illustrate your posts with a range of pictures of: people, places, events, reviews – anything associated with the writing of your story.
I have a Squidoo site for each of my previous Hale novels:
Two of the above books sold out within a few weeks of publication but I still maintain the sites to promote the books which were subsequently published in large print (Ulverscroft) format.
Want another string to you promotional bow?
Why not give Squidoo a go?
Visit to set up your own book site

Photo: I don't have a cover for THE CONDOR'S FEATHER. I took this photo in South America. It's probably an eagle and not a condor - sorry!


Beth Elliott said...

Thank you Margaret, that is certainly a useful publicity tool and I'll try it as well. I love the soaring bird in your photo, what majesty.

Nik said...

Thanks for that useful tip, Margaret. I'd joined squidoo but didn't rightly know what I was going to do there. Now I know! Also perhaps worth a look is the Goodreads site.
- Nik (Ross Morton)


I'm been keeping a blog since HALE bought my book and sometimes it's like a full time job-

I think it would help in selling a few books but I may look into this sute.

margaret blake said...

Thank you, Margaret, sounds like a splendid idea. I will definitely give it a try.

Lovely picture.

Nik said...

I agree with Gary (Archavist) that this blogging can take up valuable writing time. But if it brings people to your books, it's worthwhile; and of course it's good to keep in touch with so many like-minded book-loving folk.
- Nik (Ross Morton)


I've not created my own page. You are quite correct in stating the system is easy to use. My page can be seen here -