Thursday, January 22, 2009

Published by Robert Hale Ltd - Black Horse Western - June 2008

From the back of the book:

Tom Ford, the sheriff of Stanton, was gunned down while trying to keep the peace between the hands of two rival ranches. Accusations of corruption against the sheriff were rife and the way things looked a range war was about to erupt.

News of Tom Ford's death reaches his son, Chris, and Marshall Sam Ward while they are hunting down a killer. With both men out of their jurisdiction and receiving no assistance from the local law, Chris returns home to face his past and to find his father's killer. The only way he can do that is by taking up his father's badge - only to discover that not everything is as it seems.

A review of this book by Nik Morton can be found on Amazon (UK).


Chap O'Keefe said...

Ray is too modest to mention this, but he tells "the story behind the book" at

"Jack Giles in New Territory" is one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of western (and Hale) fiction.

Ray's blog, Broken Trails, is also one of the places on my daily online visiting list.


Jan Jones said...

Sounds intriguing, Ray.


I'll go with Chap - RAY(JACK) is a wonderful guy who is an inspiration to us all.

Nik said...

As Gary says, Ray is an inspiration to all writers. I was privileged to tell his story - mostly in his own words - in Writers' Forum. Definitely, one of the good guys!
- Nik (Ross Morton)


Nik - I enjoyed that article. I've still got it - I always keep the mag for reference.