Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Immigrating to New Zealand

Immigrating to New Zealand was one of the inspirations that led me to writing my novel, True Deception, a romantic suspense, published by Robert Hale Ltd.
The story is set on the wild west coast of the South Island- a place that is often described as New Zealand's last frontier because of the long stretches of wild coastline, the pounding surf, and the mystical Paparoa mountains.
In True Deception, the heroine, Kelly Anderson, is Scottish, like myself, and many of her impressions of New Zealand are actually my own. However, that's where the likeness ends as she's on a mission and she hates cops. And did I mention she rides a Triumph Tiger motorbike?
The hero, Mike McKenna, is a cop, but not just any cop. He's loyal, he's dedicated to his job and he cares about people. He arrests the heroine as soon as she arrives in town. Conflict? Plenty of it.
But back to immigrating. What makes people leave their homeland for another country, especially one at the other side of the world?
I think it is the adventure and the challenge. And the hope of a better life. Perhaps I ought to confess that in my case love had a lot to do with it. Just like in my novel, True Deception.

Loren Teague -


Beth Elliott said...

The cover is so attractive and at the same time it leads us into the story. I'm looking forward to reading your story, Loren.


Your description made me want to read it.

Margaret Muir said...

Why did I emigrate to Australia from the north of England? - for a better life and for the weather.
My first book, SEA DUST, was an escape story on a sailing ship - you can guess the destination!
Marg M

margaret blake said...

I can tell you folks that I have read this book. It is fantastic, Loren really catches the feel of New Zealand. Her descriptions will have you booking a ticket, and if you do, you will see she got it just right.

When I was young I emigrated to the USA. I wanted to go to Australia, but my parents thought it too far. In those days it was a trip by ship. You could not get back as quickly as you can today.

I just wanted something different in my life. I left just before the 60's started to swing, and things were still hard going.

My time in the USA was great. Fate took a hand too, for if I had not gone to the USA I would not have had my son. I guess things worked out fine in the end...but I still ached for Australia. I did get there, and to New Zeland but only for an extended holiday. Still that was worth it too...I met Loren who made me start writing again.

Nik said...

I agree, the cover is excellent; it tells a story, a bit like many Jack Vettriano paintings.
Five years ago we emigrated not far, UK to Spain, but it was for the weather, the better lifestyle, the sun and less government Big Brother. No regrets. And of course the internet makes a difference too!
- Nik (Ross Morton)

David Young said...

I agree with Margaret, it almost had me booking that ticket and not just to see Kelly in those biker leathers!! Sadly though I know I would never be as brave as you Loren. Despite having a career (like all you writers) that can be done from anywhere in the world I think I would miss my life and family in Cornwall too much. Even the vague thought of moving to a nearby village recently had me being all nostalgic about everything we've poured into renovating our home and bringing up our young family. Sill love to dream once in a while though, and 'True deception' WILL have the more adventurous souls on that plane.

margaret blake said...

Having lived in Cornwall and had to leave, I understand you would never want to move on, David. Cornwall is truly magical, it has that little extra something that is difficult to define.

My latest novel is partly set in Cornwall, as was a novel written some years ago.

Nice to see your comment, David.

Loren Teague said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments. It's very heartening. And it means a lot to me.
Warm wishes,
Loren Teague

Margaret Muir said...

Hi Loren,
I have just finished reading 'True Deception'.
It's a well-researched and well-written page turner with great non-steryotipic characters, plenty of intrigue, and tension which continues mounting through to the end.
I particualrly loved the descriptive snippets about the West Coast and was glad I was able to make a fleeting visit to NZ last year to appreciate the awe-inspiring scenery.
I hope 'True Deception' sells very well.

Loren Teague said...

Margaret, thanks for your kind comments. I really appreciate you read True Deception. And glad you were able to experience the 'beauty and magic' of New Zealand when you visited. Warm wishes, Loren Teague