Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am off to Florida in six weeks (all being well). I love the "real" Florida away from the theme parks. It was this side of Florida that inspired my latest romantic suspense "A Poisoned Legacy" which tells the story of Belinda who is left a house and land and can't understand why.

Set in rural Florida - light years away from the smart hotels and theme parks, this is the story of a young woman who is confused but brave. Uncertain of whom she can trust, she neverthless leans towards Jesse...never guessing at the terrible secrets that Nash House holds to itself.

I am hoping for more inspiration as I travel those back roads, so do watch this space!

Margaret Blake.



What a wonderful way to research and when you're walking among that lovely scenery and soaking up that sun, you can say you're working.

Nik said...

Hale has done you proud with a wonderfully evocative cover. Reminds me of the plantation houses of Virginia, which have a few stories to tell too.
- Nik (Ross Morton)

margaret blake said...

Yes, I am delighted with all the covers that David produces. He has done three for me and they are magical and capture the essence of the story.

David Young said...

Glad you've liked the covers I've done for your books. It's thanks to your descriptive writing that inspires the paintings.
Have a great trip to Florida although you'll probably miss the weather here;-)

Loren Teague said...

I've read Margaret's novel and thoroughly enjoyed it. A recommended read. Warm wishes, Loren Teague

Elizabeth Hanbury said...

Enjoy your trip to Florida, Margaret :) I'm adding A Poisoned Legacy to my 'to read'list.

David has produced two covers for me and I've been absolutely delighted with both.