Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Tarnished Star

This is all new to me.

I've been trying to get a novel published for a great many years, I've written over six and they all sit unloved in an old box in the loft.

However last year a friend said why don't you try a western since I was always reading them. I looked at her and smiled - no one publishes westerns these days.

Then I found HALE.

The Tarnished Star comes out this June.

I'm very excited about this but the wait is agony.


Elizabeth Hanbury said...

Jack, congratulations and every success with The Tarnished Star! :)

Margaret Muir said...

Perhaps now it's time to pull out the other 6 manuscripts you have languishing in the loft and think about resubmitting.
Congratualtions on your first book and savour the moment!
Marg M

Loren Teague said...

Jack, you've worked really hard and deserve every success. Warm regards Loren Teague


Thank you all - In western speak - Shuck's Im's filling up.

Nik said...

The first of many, I know. And I would recommend Gary's blog - every day he produces interesting material - and lots of author interviews.
- Nik (Ross Morton)

margaret blake said...

Congratulations, Jack, you deserve your success.