Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Black Thread and USPs

All books have at least one USP (unique selling point).
My recent novel, The Black Thread, (published Jan 2009 in large print), had two:
1) British canals and Barges,
2) The historic mill town of Saltaire.
As a result of targeting these specific points for my publicity and reviews, I was surprised how many canal and waterway magazines were interested in a story set on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.
The publicity I received was excellent and the hardback edition sold out soon after publication.
I hope the large print will perform equally as well.
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Margaret Muir

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Nik said...

This is a good example of UPS, Margaret. Elsewhere I'd read that some authors consider featuring real localities - pubs and hotels - and then use them to promote their books! I'm thinking of doing this for 'Pain Wears No Mask' as some major scenes at the end take place in a hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne.
nik (Ross Morton)