Monday, February 2, 2009

Persuading or convincing the publisher?

Thanks for all your comments. John Hale's refusal was tempered a little, I must admit. He said that if about 70 orders came in he might re-consider. I did send him an e-mail about the award and a cc to Helen Ogden. We've just got to keep working on them, haven't we? Nik, thanks for putting the review back on.


Nicola Slade said...

I wonder if it would help if the book details were left up on the Hale website? Perhaps with a note to the effect that orders were being taken towards a reprint? It's a bit disconcerting for a potential buyer to find no mention of a title anywhere on the site. Just a thought...

Loren Teague said...

Nicola, that's a great idea. I mean the first thing a buyer is going to do is to look up the publisher's website. I also think the distributor's details for every country should be displayed on the website too to make it easy for bookshops and libraries to order.

Margaret Muir said...
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Margaret Muir said...

I agree, it is both disappointing and disconcerting to see no sign of a book on the Hale website once it has gone out of print (which may be shortly after production).

Also, as many Hale novels go to large print and Hale gets 50% benefit of those sales, it would be advantageous to all if there is a note on the website that the particular book is available in large print format with a link to the Ulverscoft (or other relevant) site.

Further, I would like to see on Hale's website, against each author's name, a list of previously published (or recently published) titles which have been printed in either large or standard print.

As most of out books live out their lives (long after being sold out) on library shelves, how are the public to know from searching the Hale site, what other books their authors have written?

Marg Muir

Mick Parker said...

All we can hope is that Hale read this blog and take note of our 'moans'.

Nik said...

I've just looked at the Hale website and still don't see any reference to this blog. I thought the idea was to cross reference Hale authors on the website to this blog?
Good idea to feature out-of-print books (noted as such)though perhaps that should only go back, say, 3 years or whenever the contract says... Listing other titles and large print versions would be a boon to readers and fellow authors, I agree.
- Nik (Ross Morton)

Anonymous said...

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