Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Breaking the Clouds

When I visited New Zealand I was knocked out by the beauty of the country. The people too were friendly and kind. It was like stepping back in time when politeness and good fellowship were the norm. I knew I had to write about this country and the result was Breaking the Clouds. Recognising it was not strictly a romance I thought I would try and return to Robert Hale. Low and behold they liked the novel. I have much to thank New Zealand for - and Loren Teague too, who encouraged me to start writing again. So THANK YOU!

"The move to New Zealand has suited Bronwen for she has a good job, and a beautiful home. The only downside is her laywer husband, Jack, who is drinking too much and is obviously unhappy with the move.

What Bronwen doesn't need it a visit from her enigmatic cousin Marged, a woman with whom she has little in common. However, it is with Marged's visit that Bronwen's life starts to spin out of control. She learns Jack was fired months ago from his firm, that he has abandoned his apartment in the city, and that most of her money is missing from her bank account.

The only person who might know something is Job Tei but Bronwen is not sure she can trust him..."


Loren Teague said...

Margaret, it was such fun having you to stay when you came to New Zealand. We talked so much about books and writing-it was wonderful. Margaret told me that she had based her story in New Zealand and parts of it at my house, so I couldn't wait to read the novel. It's a fabulous read, just like all Margaret's novels. Here's hoping that you will come out to New Zealand again some day.

Margaret Muir said...

I love your cover, Margaret.
Can you tell me who is the artist?
Marg Muir

margaret blake said...

Thanks, Loren, I did base Bronwen's house on yours, which is lovely, I felt so much at home there. I remember seeing grapefruits on the trees in your garden, a first for me.

Margaret, the artist is David Young. David has done my three books at Hale's.David reads the book thoroughly, and always comes up with perfect pictures. For me he has always done two different aspects of the story.
I love his work and his attitude to authors too.

You might have noted a couple of his posts here!

David Young said...

So between us we've managed to burn down Loren's house Margaret ;-)

David Young.

Loren Teague said...

David, I've always been paranoid about our house burning down as it is an old colonial villa made of wood that Margaret wrote about. Many houses during the last century were lost that way. Loren Teague

margaret blake said...

So sorry to add to your nightmares, Loren!