Monday, February 9, 2009

Sold out!

I ordered one of Lance Howard's books on the Hale website 9 Feb. The book was 'published' on 30 Jan. Some hours later, as predicted by Ray and others, I was notified that the book was sold out. Bad news for me - and the author. Yes, it's good news it was sold out, not so good to hear it won't be reprinted...
Still, that's a marvellous achievement to get your book sold out virtually before it is even published! Well done Howard!
Nik (Ross Morton)


Monica Fairview said...

Congratulations, Lance! It's pretty amazing that you sold out so quickly!

Margaret Muir said...

Wow! that is a galloping success for Lance.
Well done!
Marg Muir

Mick Parker said...

Well done. It will be bitter sweet to know that you have experienced such a response to your novel but you are unlikely to be told there will be another print run for you. I've been in that position with Hale, so I can empathise with you. But, well done again.

Howard said...

Thanks all for the kind words. I am hoping they will change their mind and reprint. But it's good to know the print runs should be going up
Howard (aka Lance Howard)

Jenna Dawlish said...

Well done Lance. I wondered what the print run was for Black Horse Westerns (if you don't mind me asking!)