Thursday, February 19, 2009

Promotion – The Condor’s Feather’s USPs

My forthcoming Hale novel, The Condor’s Feather, is due July 2009.
It is an equestrian adventure set in Patagonia in 1885.
This story contains three distinct unique selling points (USPs).
1) Criollo Horses
2) Newfoundland Dogs
3) Location - Patagonia

Having investigated the numerous Equestrian, Dog/Pet and Travel/Trekking magazines which address these areas, I will contact them around the time the book goes to print.

1) Horses/Equestrian/Criollo horses/Equine history
Criollo horses are the wild horses of the pampas.
They are descended from the Spanish war-horses left behind by the Conquistadors in the 1500s. They are not handsome horses but they are extremely hardy and have incredible endurance.
Criollo horses were used for centuries by the gauchos (South American cowboys).

In The Condor’s Feather, my party of Victorian travellers ride Criollo horses.

2) Newfoundland Dogs
The most famous and enduring fictionalized Newfoundland dog is ‘Nana’ the Darling children’s nanny in J.M. Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan’.
In The Condor’s Feather, a group of English adventurers are accompanied on their journey across the pampas by a pair or Newfoundland dogs.
The dogs are present throughout the story and, though not taking a major role, they add to the drama and emotional tension on more then one occasion.

3) Location/Patagonia/trekking
South America, particularly Patagonia, is a prime tourist destination these days.
Horse trekking holidays in this region are very popular.

From experience, I believe that editors of speciality magazines are always on the look out for articles of interest.
They may be prepared to publish a feature article submitted by the author or may welcome a copy of the book with a view to writing their own review.

For more information go to:

Photos: Modern day Argentinian Gaucho (MM)
Ishmael – a Landseer Newfoundland owned by American historical novelist, Karen Mercury
Statue of condor - Punta Arenas, Chile (MM)


margaret blake said...

Sounds great, Margaret. Good luck.

Nik said...

This many-pronged assault to get noticed must surely pay dividends. I'd like to think my still-to-be-sold vampire thriller set in present-day Malta will have several UPSs too; must wait and see. Best of luck, Margaret.
Nik (Ross Morton)