Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hale's Website

There have been a few comments about Hale's website and the dismal picture it presents to the potential customer, and the fact that out of print titles are not there. I checked today after an e-mail from one of Hale's field reps. telling me that my next book, THE THIRD SECRET was not on the website. It wasn't, even though it's in the 2009 catalogue. While there I noticed that THE DEVIL'S TRINITY, which sold out last year was not on the site either. It suggests to me that Hale do not want to encourage potential orders; after all, it's still available (if that's the right word) on other on-line book stores like Amazon. Hopefully someone at Hale will read this blog and give us some answers. I thought publishers wanted to sell books, not hide them!


Loren Teague said...
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Loren Teague said...

Mick, the ommission is most likely a mistake. I put a search in for The Third Secret and it linked to another book. So that's obviously just an error. These things can easily be fixed...
Why don't you email Hale straight away. I have found that they are very good at responding to queries.
Keep in mind that many customers read this blog - not authors. So we don't want to put them off ordering!!

By the way, I have requested my library buys your book. I am into thrillers and yours look a great read.
Cheers, Loren Teague

Mick Parker said...

Thanks for that. My website is Can you let me know how you went about contacting your libraries please? I know Hale use their field agents etc., but I never know which libraries have agreed to buy my books. I did manage to get on to a database of Australian libraries about a year ago and dialled in HELL'S GATE. It showed that I had 25 copies on the data base. But as for other, English speaking libraries around the world (not UK), I have no idea of my success rate.

By the way, I had just struck up a good rapport with Helen with regard to contacting different newspaper outlets and book reviewers,etc., and now she has decided to leave. It was only 15 months ago that I met Katy, Helen's predecessor, and was surprised to learn later that she had left. Lets hope that there isn't a high attrtion rate in Hale's publicity department!


This is all very frustrating with the publicity folk coming and going. But I wish Helen all the best on her new direction.

Nik said...

Apparently, a new book goes on the hale website 2 months before publication date. Eg mine is due out 29 May so it will appear in the March upload.
Nik (Ross Morton)