Friday, August 21, 2009

Black horse Western News Round-up

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Marketing - Beat to a Pulp

For the last few months I've had a number of short stories published in local magazines, together with a prominent footnote about my books plus fingernail cover pictures. This is one way to market books, though I have no idea if it brings in any new readers. It does keep my names (Ross Morton and Nik Morton) in the public eye. I have also had a couple of stories published on an online webzine; even if I wasn't keen on marketing my books, I'd still send stories to this outlet as they are gaining a fine reputation for a broad range of good writing, ably edited by Elaine Ash.

Beat to a Pulp is a webzine that features a great variety of stories in a number of genres. Each week a new story is featured; earlier tales are still accessible, either on the page or in the Archive. The writers also benefit from feedback from the readers, which is a real bonus.

This week's 'punch' is one of my short stories, 'I Celebrate Myself' - the title is taken from Walt Whitman; his poetry lends itself to story titles, I reckon. Anyone reading my latest western The $300 Man will know that Whitman - along with Christina Rossetti - is quoted by the two main characters.

Anyway, 'I Celebrate Myself' is about a NY cop faced with an unusual dilemma and it can be found at

complete with readers' comments; feel free to drop in, read and leave a comment..


Friday, August 7, 2009


The NOPRIZE award will be given out twice a year for excellence in the western genre. There's no pretty little statue to display, no certificate to hang on the wall - in fact the NOPRIZE is basically a kudos thing - a way for western fans to thank the winners for all they've done for the genre. Details of the categories and of how to vote will be given here soon and I do hope western fans everywhere will cast a vote. Basically the NOPRIZE is intended to be a bit of fun and although there is no physical prize it'll be great for any writer to know that people like their work so much as to vote for it.

And so to start the ball rolling I would like to give a honoury NOPRIZE to publisher, John Hale for his sterling work with the Black Horse Range. If it wasn't for Hale there would be no British westerns at all and the publishing house has supported the genre for many many years. Of course this last year has seen the books starting to get more and more attention and many BHW writers, myself included, have seen their work reviewed on blogs, websites and in newspapers and magazines. Once the BHW range were only available in the UK but they are starting to gain in popularity across the seas, especially in the spiritual home of the genre, the USA. If one man deserves congratulations for this then it is Mr Hale himself who has bucked the trend of the market place by sticking with the genre through thick and thin.

And so on behalf of western writers and fans everywhere The Archive says a big, "Thank you" to Mr Hale who undoubtedly deserves his NOPRIZE award.

Super review

I just found this super review at USA

***** page turner

"Suffering from amnesia after being involved in a hit and run accident and having no living relatives, Alva is released from hopital into the care of her estranged husband, Conte Luca Mazareeze, to recuperate.

Unable to recall why she fled from her husband and the beautiful island of Santa Caterina, Alva falls in love with Luca again. Life should be blissful, yet something bothers her. As her memory returns she discovers nothing at the Palazzo is as it seems and she is surrounded by danger and intrigue.

Margaret Blake's page-turning thriller/mystery, Shadows of the Past, builds to a nail biting finale. Definitely recommended as a highly entertaining read."