Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bestselling Hale Fiction at The Book Depository

This month's bestseller list looks at the online retailer The Book Depository.

1. Henry Tilney's Diary by Amanda Grange (May 2011)

2. No Less than the Journey by E.V. Thompson (May 2010)

3. Beyond the Storm by E.V. Thompson (Nov 2010)

4. Constable in the Country by Nicholas Rhea (Apr 2010)

5. Lady Sarah's Redemption by Barbara Eikli (May 2009)

6. The Condor's Feather by Margaret Muir (Jul 2009)

7. Churchyard and Hawke by E.V. Thompson (Nov 2009)

8. Coming Home by Vonnie Hughes (Mar 2010)

9. The Gravedigger's Tale by Simon Clark (Nov 2010)

10. The Man who would not Sleep by Michael Gilbert (Jan 2011)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My latest Regency tale is published this Friday

The Rake's Challenge

Giles Maltravers has his rakish lifestyle turned upside down the day he saves Anna Lawrence from a pair of drunken young bloods. The irony is that Giles is now honour-bound to protect this headstrong girl.

Inspired by a fervent devotion to the works of Lord Byron, Anna is determined to live a life of adventure, but she plunges from one disaster into another. Giles has no time left to enjoy his former carefree existence, especially when the Prince Regent decides that Anna is just in his style....

                                                For example.........

Anna visits Brighton for the summer season. It is her first visit to the seaside, so naturally she wishes to experience sea bathing. She goes for a dip - but ends up in hot water with Giles!

         It is not long before she catches the Prince Regent's eye ... and after that it takes all of Giles's ingenuity to rescue her from any number of dangerous situations.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

All the latest Black Horse news

To keep up to date with all the latest Black Horse Western news be sure to check in at the Black Horse Express. Brief snippets and then links are provided to all the news, reviews, interviews and extracts on the Net.

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