Friday, November 25, 2011

The Boy From Berlin

My latest Hale novel, THE BOY FROM BERLIN is now available from Hale Books at the usual discount and post free in UK if ordered before December 30th. Always a good chance to by a decent novel at a decent price.I'm looking forward to receiving mine in the post and will read it through like a kid with a new toy. happy days!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Busy, busy

Busy day again. I’m squeezing this post in between outings. This morning my wife and I were at a house group. It’s a weekly meeting for about ten of us from our local Christian Fellowship here in Torrevieja. I take my keyboard and play a hymn or two, and we spend about an hour discussing a particular topic and drifting away and talking of all manner of things. It’s amazing how people open up once they have become relaxed and know that what they say will not go beyond the group. Back home for lunch and then out again visiting a sick friend. She has cancer, and has been battling the disease for about three years now. She gets a reprieve and then another crisis develops. We can only keep praying for her and hope the Lord heals. This afternoon we will spend about an hour with our friend and her husband, not much more than that because of her frailty. So, rather hurriedly really, I’m writing my blog post now so I can get it out today, Thursday.
My son sent me a breakdown of my web statistics this morning. I’m not in the big league, but since we updated the web, my hits went from an average over seven months of about 11000 to 22738 in November. They say that one swallow doesn’t make a summer, but I’m chuffed to bits with that increase.
It is now possible to order copies of my hardback, THE BOY FROM BERLIN. Publication date in December 30th. from the publisher, Robert Hale Ltd. They sell at a generous discount, about 30% and will send the book post free in UK. For those who might want to buy a copy, log on to Hale’s website at I’m looking forward to seeing the book in print. I’m like a kid with a new toy when I open up my parcel with the books inside. I always read my books through, beginning to end. Makes me feel good knowing that this is all my own work, edited and published at no cost to me. Lovely.
The Kindle version of ROSELLI’S GOLD is now available. Shouldn’t be too long before it’s available in paperback in UK. There’s so much going on for me right now, what with my work coming out and everything else. Next week I’ll be giving away three copies of Roselli’s Gold through the Goodreads giveaway promotion. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, why not pop over to Goodreads and check it out? You never know, you might win. See you all next week.

Lady Farquhar's Butterfly

On December 30th my second book with Hale - Lady Farquhar's Butterfly - will be released as a Hale e-book.

It was inspired by a piece of research I'd done into the times for while I knew women had few rights at that time in which the book is set - 1818 - I didn't know they could be stripped of their child by a husband's decree after he was dead.

Deception and redemption are favourite themes of mine and are the driving forces behind Lady Farquhar's Butterfly. While the cruelty of the late husband to my heroine, Olivia, lives on beyond the grave, she must continue to battle his evil religious with his ulterior motives before she can find love with her son's guardian.

Lady Farquhar's Butterfly was published in 2010 by Hale in Hardback and re-released last year in Large Print by Ulverscroft. I hope it takes wings as an e-book.