Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy days

I’ve had my head in the clouds over the last few days. I asked Pete of Acclaimed Books to put my eBook A COVERT WAR into the KDP Select programme and let it go free for five days. Basically, the idea is that you place your book with the Amazon library for 90 days, and you are allowed a promotion of five days where you can offer free, unpaid downloads of your book. My book reached No.3 in the Spy Thriller category and No. 294 in the ‘sales’ figures. I get nothing for any of this, but the knock-on effect could be helpful to my subsequent borrowing figures for which I do get paid. Now that the promotion is almost over, the book is dropping away, but this is expected to happen according to the type of results I’ve seen published on the Kindle forum. Some of the writers who have tried this scheme (it began in December 2011) have had some startling results. The only people who can borrow or download these books are those who are members of Amazon Prime. Consequently they will search among the high rankers and the freebie downloads looking for a book they can either get for nothing or borrow for a small fee. I’ve had a big smile on my face for most of the week simply because I have enjoyed some kind of elevation for me and my work. Hopefully these people who have downloaded A COVERT WAR will want to read more of my books and end up paying for them. I’ll keep an eye on my results and post them here if I can.

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M. C. Muir said...

Without the help of 'Pete of Acclaimed books', how do I get into the KDP Select Program with Amazon?
I would like to give this a try with one of my e-books.
Thanks and Well Done!