Friday, July 17, 2009

Black Horse Western News Round-up

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Recent items:
Interview with Gary Dobbs
Wild Bunch Wednesday
Review of Revenge at Wolf Mountain by Chuck Tyrell
Bestsellers on The Book Depository - 13 July
Extract of Misfit Lil Robs The Bank by Chap O'Keefe
Wild Bunch Wednesday
Bestsellers on Amazon - 6 July
Review of Double-Dealing at Dirtville by Clay More
Review of Long Shadows by Terry James
June's BHW poll
Review of The .45 Goodbye by Dempsey Clay
Review of Lanigan and the She-Wolf by Ronald Martin Wade
Bestselling Linford Westerns on Amazon - 29 June
Extract of the Tarnished Star by Jack Martin
Review of Blast to Oblivion by Chap O'Keefe
Review of Long Shadows by Terry James
Review of The Outpost by Owen G. Irons

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